Recovery Shampoo

Cleans | Replenishes | Nourishes

Virtue® Recovery Shampoo works to rebuild damaged hair
with each use. It gently dissolves daily build-up while filling
in cracks of damage to leave hair healthy, soft, and supple.


• All hair types, especially hair that’s damaged or in need of
  extra care
• Perfect for stressed-out hair that’s been dehydrated from
  heat styling or chemical treatments
• Safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair


Hydrolyzed Quinoa
This plant-based protein is a remarkable
ingredient for hair, enhancing color,
moisture retention, and shine.
Baobab Seed Oil
From the African Tree of Life (known for
its ability to store water), this rich, silky
oil can act as an intense emollient for
dry, damaged hair.
Grapefruit Extract
Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants,
this refreshing fruit helps
revitalize the scalp and returns hair’s
vibrance and shine.