Initialiste Hair and Scalp Serum

Initialiste is an advanced scalp and hair concentrate designed for weakened hair looking for strength and regeneration. Its combination of active ingredients is used to generate the growth of stronger, shinier and more beautiful hair.

  • Boosts Cellular Metabolism
  • Reinforces the hair fiber
  • Hair is invigorated
  • More resistant and less breakage
  • Hair is more vibrant
  • Hair is left beautiful and stronger
  • Healthier and stronger hair

Native Plant Cells: cells extracted from a milenary known apple tree famous for its exceptional conservation properties
Gluco Lipids: boost cellular metabolism and enable a qualitative hair growth.
Antioxidant Polyphenol: protects the stem cell environment against oxydative stress.
A new generation of Ceramids: imitate the natural ceramids of the hair and reinforce the Resistance of the hair fiber.