Anti-Breakage Fortifying Treatment Ampoules

Anti hair-fall fortifying treatment for weakened hair, prone to falling.  During peaks of hair-fall, the ampoule intensely acts to minimize hair-fall and maximise beautiful hair thanks to its unique blend of ingredients.

  • Containing our unique precision blend of ingredients, the shot acts to intensely reduce hair-fall and maximize beautiful hair
  • During peaks of hair-fall, the jelly like formula re-anchors the hair follicle into the scalp while providing optimal environment for future growth
  • The formula soothes and decreases itchiness by reinforcing the natural protective barrier of the scalp
  • Minimizes hair-fall from the roots
  • More fibre retention
  • Significant anti hair-fall efficacy after 6 weeks of use*
  • Re-anchor the fibre to the root*
  • Significant soothing effect with decrease in total itchiness and discomfort after 3 weeks of use**
  • Helps preserve the scalp natural protective barrier***
  • Reinforces scalp***

A unique combination of potent anti hair-fall complex:
Aminexil 1.5% helps hair to anchor more solidly into the scalp and prevents collagen from hardening around hair follicles.
Ginger Root is known for its ability to protect against daily external aggressor.
Arginine is an essential amino acid in hair fibre production. It plays an important role in cellular mechanisms to stimulate microcirculation and in nourishing the hair bulb for optimal future growth.