Masque for Beautiful Color 175ml

For those with color-treated hair—or who spend a lot of time in the sun

Thick hair may splurge daily; others will love as a weekly soak


• Intense, cuticle-enriching conditioning and color-protecting UV filters
• Color enhancing and glossifying
• The ultimate luxury masque for color-treated hair
• Keeps hair in the best condition, both in response to and in preparation
for ongoing color treatments
• Incorporates the UV-protection technology for hair to allow lasting
protection from the sun and elements


Watermelon Extract, from the Kalahari Desert, provides natural protection against
oxidative stress and the deterioration of natural keratin.
Edelweiss Flower Extract, from the Swiss Alps, provides natural protection against
the drying, damgaing and color-depleting effects of the elements.
Wild Mango Butter provides bio-conditioning, especially recommended
for fortifying color-treated hair.
Phyto-Ceramides provide enhanced color protection and smooth the hair shaft
to enhance shine.
Keratin and Hydrolyzed Keratin strengthen damaged hair and protect the surface
of the hair shaft. Together, they penetrate the cortex to provide antiaging benefits,
maintain hair strength and prevent UV degradation.
Bioflavonoids, responsible for giving fruits their fantastic hues, protect hair’s
own color from fading and discoloration.
Cinnamidopropyltrimonium Chloride provides UV-A and UV-B protection
for broad-spectrum UV protection of hair.

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