Symbiose Bain Crème Apaisant

A pyrithione zinc and salicylic acid shampoo for sensitive scalps prone to dandruff.


Bain Creme apaisant is a moisturizing shampoo for dry sensitive scalp prone to dandruff.

- Removes loose dandruff flakes
- Hair is smoother*
- Hair is moisturized, hydrated and conditioned*
- Tested under dermatological control
- Suitable for sensitive scalp
- Tolerance approved

*After application of Bain Crème Apaisant vs non conditioning shampoo.

Who is it for:

Symbiose targets any hair type prone to dandruff problems at all levels**:
     - Light to medium: random/ seasonal appearance of dandruff
     - Medium to heavy: visible dandruffs and flakes stripping off from scalp

***For heavy medical dandruff types: please go to see your dermatologist.


Symbiose Bain Creme Apaisant is enriched with SALICYLIC ACID and PYRITHIONE ZINC.

SALICYLIC ACID: The go to ingredient in skincare for exfoliation, that instantly peels dead cells and loose dandruff flakes away. Thanks to this exfoliating action, salicylic acid participates in cleansing the scalp. 
PYRITHIONE ZINC: One of the most renowned active ingredients for dandruff prone hair.

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