Keratine Thermique Heat Protector

Blowdry care for unruly hair in need of smoothness. A pre styling cream to protect hair before blow drying and use of heat stying tools. Hair is soft, smooth & shiny.

  • Thermo protection up to 180°C
  • Anti frizz/anti humidity action
  • Facilitates blowdry & reduces styling time
  • Smoothes & tames hair fiber
  • Hair is strengthened, breakage is reduced
  • Shiny and perfect glazed like finish
  • Perfect fluid and light movement in hair

MORPHO KERATINE™ (Morpho Constituing Agents + Surface Morphing Polymers)
Coats each hair fiber in feather light coating, restoring the fiber’s uniformity, solidity and smoothness for perfectly tamed hair.
AUTO RETICULAR POLYMER Creates a hydrophobic film that tames frizz and protect against humidity.
Ceramide 1.000: highest concentration of ceramides to protect from breakage and strengthen hair.
Xylose: active ingredient known for its heat protecting properties.

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